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Unique original acrylic paint on linen.

Can be put anywhere in your house to bring joy and warm sun.

76,2cm x 101,6cm

It's sunny

  • If BUYER is unhappy with the artwork, he/she must return artwork provide by the painter, in a timely fashion and within 7 days, customer will then have the option for an exchange or refund. In case of refund. BUYER must provide proof of purchase and that art work has not been damaged within the duration of its stay in BUYER’S presence wherever that may be, home, office, presented as a gift. Refund and exchange policy does not apply if customer can not provide proof of purchase such as receipt or bank statement.

  • Artwork will be shipping first class and delivered within 4 days minimum and 7 days maximum of purchase.  A tracking number will be provided. Any delays from the carrier will not be at the painter responsability.

    Buyers will receive a signed certificate for original Artwork, all artwork is copy right protected and originals.

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