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About | Maryse Pique Artist

Painter | England

Maryse spent her childhood growing up on the caribbean island of Martinique before moving to France and eventually the UK. This blend of cultural inspiration forms the thread that ties her work together. Beginning with a vibrant colour palette Maryse tries to avoid being constrained by any preconceived ideas of what the painting should be, and instead allows the work to be an extension of her emotions and dreams at that time. 

Maryse will often use oils and acrylics, occasionally introducing more unusual materials ranging from saw dust through to Gold leaf. This approach lends itself to a wide array of shapes and textures, often adding a tactile element to the canvas that invites the viewer to engage with the painting.

Living alone during the peak of lockdown Maryse was kept largely isolated from the rest of the World and found solace in her art. Having previously been a seamstress with an early interest in crochet, Maryse sought to recreate this knitted, crochet effect on the canvas. It is this highly unusual use of bright colours coupled with thick paint and deep cut lines that has become her intoxicating signature style.

I have always wanted to make paintings that are impossible to walk past, paintings that grab and hold your attention. The more you look at them, the more satisfying they become for the viewer. The more time you give to the painting, the more you get back. The viewer is a living, breathing being that moves about in space and I want the painting to be experienced like that. I want my painting to imitate life in that way. I want the experience of looking at it to be very much like the experience of walking through a bigger landscape...

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