I want to create an exercise contrary to the sedimentation of memory, from which to express any referents for the reconstruction of its own. We are at the end of a process of "de-realisation", of the withdrawal of the real, implicit within modernity that we are finally able to define the relationship of the "avant-garde" to the modern and post-modern art. Love how each viewer sees something totally on their own imagination in the work and to take this visual experience as something rigorous however, just as abstract as the painting itself. I move into a system of different modes and techniques of representation on my area, and I am looking for a concept of pictorial space where everything it is dependent on everything else, to the point where no trait can be isolated and no order of causality can exist. This title FOREST SERIES shows that I am trying to make something new every time and to keep changing.


Acrylic, pieces of wood and saw dust on linen. 78x78 in. (200x200 cm.)


Oil on linen - 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Acrylic, pieces of wood and saw dust on linen. 78x78 in. (200x200 cm.)


Acrylic, dirt and pieces of wood on linen, 55x55 in.(140 x140 cm.)


Acrylic, dirt and woods on linen - 55 x 55 in.(140 x140 cm.)


Acrylic, dirt and woods on linen - 55x55 in.(140 x140 cm.)


Acrylic and saw dust on linen. 47x47 in. (120x120 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Oil on linen - 31,4x31,4 in.(80 x80 cm.)

If the main concern of Maryse Pique through the exploration of lines and layers is to create in-between spaces within her works, we might add that the result is widely inspired on a new non-narrative line of the pictorial "discourse".  A challenge based on the construction of visual monogrammes and signs of abstract sequences, determined by suggestive silhouettes, slipping progressively on differents backgrounds, as a visual metaphor of the erosion of an imaginary landscape. These works baffle for its measure and energy. Opening-up new horizons to compose other narratives, for stimulate the viewers to create some visual ways for themselves, without lines of signification but of intensity. Signs and symbols synchronized under the same codes, trying to approach another types of landscapes to differents aesthetic concerns.