I am  inspired and motivated by a love of color and the sheer delight. My paintings tend to be lively and joyful, but can also be enigmatic, exploring different moods and states of mind through abstract imagery. I work into it: bold and opaque shapes, shadows and rhythms of lines. How they meander around the canvas, making their unique statements, connecting some shapes while setting others apart.  For me, the idea of creating and training a non-narrative line on the canvases, excites me much more than making a static form. Static forms are vital for exploring, and embedding arguments, or feelings we wish to bottle and revisited. Simulations are a forgiving, easy, cheap, low energy, high variety and high abundance way to compose the space of my paintings. A narrative world it´s far easier for my imagination when I compose a combination of improvised pours and gestures across multiple surfaces.

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Represented by Gallery Du 808 LTD

Voted best art gallery on the year 2020 / Bristol

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