I'm living the immediat, visceral expression of applying paint to a blank surface. People can interpret how they want, but for me it's very simple, making natural forms with colors, intrigued by the personality, volume, and emotion they convey in different configurations.  The movement of the paint is of real interest to me, it's about how you control the fluid but also how the liquid of the paint creates shapes itself independently. It's quite an unusual viewing experience. I'm just really into paint and materials.


Oil on linen - 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Oil on Linen, 55x55 in.(140 x140 cm.)


Oil on linen. 35x47 in. (90x120 cm.)


Acrylic on linen. 35x45 in. (90x115 cm.)


Oil on linen - 31,4x31,4 in.(80x80 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 39x39 in.(100 x100 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 39x39 in.(100 x100 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 32x46 in.(81x116 cm.)

Ultramarine blue, blue-sky, acid green, custard yellow and dim grey. Not content to simply let the colors contrast one another, Maryse Pique then pulls the paint across the canvas- up, down, to the left, diagonally to the right- with dinamism and thorough energy. Unevenly mixed blue paint is pulled vertically and horizontally to create a grid-like structure. Pique removes parts of the paint. She allows the vertical and the horizontal strokes to mix, íntertwining the layers with each other and making them inseparable. The background and the foreground are now the same, just as how, when she was making this painting, Pique's past and present were coming together, merging all around her as the movement of the waves.