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New technique of painting without a paintbrush...

Renaissance or rebirth because I am going back to my beginning in painting with nearly similar patterns but with a new texture and technique.

Self criticism, researching and determination bring me to another discovery about the endless possibilities in creation.

I came through this new technique, new pattern and new texture which brings so much satisfaction and a new level in my painting experimentation. As you can see this new pattern is the dot from the knitting, so I named it Quadri Knitting. If you take a close look at the painting, you will discover not only the knitting but also the grids which has always been part of my journey in a sense. It is a start in my enjoyable new journey, many more form will be ...

Acrylic on canvas - 23,62x23,62in.(60x60cm.)

Acrylic on canvas - 23,62x35,43in.(60x90cm.)

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